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Eugen Rochko

Probably not a film I'm going to use ever again, but for this shot it sort of worked.

📷 Pentax KX
🎞️ Rollei Retro 80s
🔭 SMC Pentax-M 50mm/1.7

13 hours ago
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Clive Thompson

A terrific investigation at @WIRED finds that Perplexity scrapes and (sometimes with bullshit added) summarizes web sites that it has been explicitly told, by those web site owners, not to visit

Excellent work by @dmehro and @timmarchman

16 hours ago
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Taken in the stunning Stanley Park after a winter storm allowed for thick fog to accumulate and infiltrate deep into the forest.

This has ended up being one of my best sellers too, along with its alternative vertical orientation.

1 day ago
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Bastian Greshake Tzovaras
1 day ago
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Steve Troughton-Smith

Journalists are massively misunderstanding what the 'Threads API' actually is.

It's not for third-party clients, it's for automation & marketing. You can’t access a timeline via the API, or do search, or anything like that. It's for posting, reading replies, and replying to replies of a post. Bots and CRMs

"You may use the Threads API to enable people to create and publish content on a person’s behalf on Threads, and to display those posts within your app solely to the person who created it.”

1 day ago
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Edit to add: since people are still boosting this, I should mention the deadline has now passed so you can longer register. If you've missed the deadline and feel strongly maybe think about volunteering with favoured your local candidate's campaign team!

UK people! Today is the last day you can register to vote! It's very simple, just fill in the form at

1 day ago
Eugen Rochko

Grainydays video on the new . A half-frame camera is not for me, but I very much hope it is for someone.

2 days ago
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Film photography is enjoying a comeback and Pentax is here to take advantage of the trend with its first film camera in decades. Our early impressions suggest Pentax chose its moment wisely.

2 days ago
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My husband's civil engineering job just gave him the best corporate pride month tshirt of all time

2 days ago